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Anxian calibration and test instrument and equipment testing institute specializes in providing calibration services

Anxian calibration and test instrument and equipment testing institute specializes in providing calibration services

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Product Brand WorldCom product model 000 production city nationwide shipment city nationwide total experimental supply 100000 minimum starting order 1 product unit price 30 measurement units product details

Anxian calibration and test instrument and equipment testing institute specializes in Shitong Instrument Testing Service Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the testing and calibration of measuring equipment, integrating technology and services. The company has established a good corporate image among users with its strong financial strength, high-quality professionals, professional technical team and high-quality and efficient services. The company's main calibration 3) argument 1: the scope of flat pushing jaw includes: microcomputer controlled electronic testing machine, hydraulic testing machine, wood-based panel electronic testing machine, ring stiffness electronic testing machine, torsion testing machine, friction and wear testing machine, full series impact testing machine, pressure testing machine, spring testing machine, durometer, cupping testing machine, steel pipe bending testing machine. It is widely used in aerospace, scientific research institutes, colleges and universities, transportation, construction, steel, industry and mining, exploration, manufacturing, planning 7 Random switching of multiple languages: Simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, English and other industries

we keep pace with the times. Over the past 20 years, we have been market-oriented and user-oriented, have advanced technical experience and perfect testing research, and enjoy popularity in the industry. Now our company has always occupied a certain position in the measurement market, and we have a strong technical team. In order to better implement the concept of customer first, we take measures to develop measurement and service at the same time. The company actively adopts innovative design concepts and uses the unique design and development ability of the enterprise in accordance with national and international standards

our goal is to "provide customers with professional instrument and equipment services, which exceed customers' expectations and never live up to customers' trust". Facing the future, WorldCom takes instrument calibration and measurement as its purpose and customer demand as its orientation ① Check the zero point before use: slowly turn the fine adjustment knob 7 to make the measuring rod 3 contact the anvil 2 until the ratchet makes a sound. At this time, the zero score line on the movable ruler (movable sleeve Jane 6) should be aligned with the reference line (long horizontal line) on the fixed sleeve Jane, otherwise there is zero error. ② Hold the ruler rack 1 with the left hand, turn the coarse adjustment knob 6 with the right hand to make the distance between the measuring rod 3 and the anvil 2 slightly larger than the measured object, and place the measured object (the measuring surface of the measured object must be parallel to the measuring adhesion surface)

turn the protection knob 7 to the tested object until the ratchet makes a sound, and dial the fixed knob 4 to make the reading after the measuring rod is fixed. ① The size of the scale value on the micrometer: each division of the scale on the spiral reading mechanism (differential cylinder) is 0.01mm, the space between the scribes on the fixed sleeve is 1mm, and the upper and lower rows are staggered by 0.5mm. First read the main scale value (the value of the scribed line on the fixed sleeve)

read the value on the differential again, and the sum of the two is the final reading value. It should be noted on the reading of the indicated value on the main scale that although there is a grid of 1mm above and below the horizontal line, the upper and lower grids are staggered by half a grid (0.5mm), so the reading of the main scale is the integer grid value below the horizontal line plus the upper half grid (0.5mm). If the micro strip does not exceed the half grid scale line, the half grid (0.5m) value will not be added

Anxian calibration test instrument and equipment testing institute specializes in providing calibration services. Human pursuit of beauty will not change with time. Now this pursuit of life is reflected in all aspects, and the most common is the "practical art" of makeup. Based on the fierce competition in this industry, in order to catch the requirements of customers and show more magic power, color is one of its intuitive and important evaluation standards. Therefore, the application of color difference meter in this industry is not an abrupt thing

as a professional exhibition covering the whole optoelectronic industry chain, CIOE China Optical Expo has become the preferred platform for many enterprises to expand their markets and promote their brands. It also provides a professional one-stop platform for people in the industry to find new technologies and products and understand the market opportunities. At that time, as a national high-tech enterprise, 3nh has been engaged in the research, development, production, sales and service of photoelectric detection technology and color field for many years, mainly in the powder resin or concentrated dispersion industry

how to use the automatic color correction instrument color difference instrument is an optical measuring instrument that simulates the human eye's induction to red, green and blue light. Place the whiteboard, press the power on key, the startup animation appears, and the automatic black-and-white board correction is in progress. After automatic calibration, enter standard measurement. Press the test key on the right side of the instrument and read out the absolute value of l*a*b* of the standard sample


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