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In the morning peak, the cable was broken and became a "roadblock". Zhengzhou traffic police leaned out of the double decker bus to become an "electrician"

Dahe news (song Xiangle) on September 20, a cable under Xintong bridge was broken and fell on the fast lane, and passing vehicles gave way. The police of the first brigade of Zhengzhou traffic police borrowed the double decker bus to incarnate "electrician" "Deal with potential traffic hazards urgently.

at 7:20, the police of xintongqiao traffic demonstration post of the first brigade of Zhengzhou traffic police came to the intersection to prepare for the peak.

when the police patrolled to the southwest corner of the intersection, they found that a cable was disconnected and fell on the fast lane. Passing vehicles slowed down and changed lanes to avoid, which was very dangerous at the time of development.

instructor Wang Lu immediately organized the police to remind passing vehicles.

"in the morning rush hour, there is a large traffic flow, and this sagging cable occupies an acceleration lane. If it is not handled in time, it will inevitably affect the smoothness of many types of reinforced fibers on Jinshui road."

Wang Lu said that at first, the police moved a stool and tried to clean up the fallen cable, but this cable and other cables were tied together and could not be handled alone. For the sake of safety, the police decided to adopt a more stable and safe method. At this time, a double decker bus was about to pass from north to south. The visual height was not much different from the wire. Wang Lu and colleagues stopped it, and then used the height of the second floor of the bus to deal with the slipped cable urgently

the bus leader drove the vehicle to the position where the cable fell, and the police immediately placed the reflective cone around the bus and instructed passing vehicles to avoid

then, the auxiliary police officer Guan Weifeng quickly came to the second floor of the bus with the tools he found, leaned his body out of the window, quickly cut off the falling cables, and used iron wire for the rest of the cables. Now the number of people who use it is very low compared with the previous 2.9%, and there is less binding

finally, the police tied the fallen cable into a ring and fixed it in the air, which would not affect the passage of passing vehicles, and the traffic at the intersection returned to normal

"the timely elimination of potential traffic hazards of dropped cables is inseparable from the full cooperation between the police, the full help of the bus captain and the active cooperation of passing vehicles. Everyone is making their best contribution to a safe, civilized, orderly and smooth urban traffic environment." Wang Lu said. (clue provided by: Sun Kai)

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