The calibration device of the hottest temperature

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"Temperature calibrator calibration device" has filled the gap in this field through examination

recently, the newly built high-level "temperature calibrator calibration device" by the Thermal Engineering Institute of Anhui Institute of Metrology accepted the on-site examination organized by the national metrology standards and metrology verification personnel examination committee

at the assessment site, the assessment experts conducted an on-site audit of the application materials of the Institute of thermal engineering, and made an on-site assessment of the testing environment and personnel resources of the laboratory of the Institute of thermal engineering. That opportunity enabled Japanese investors to have a deeper understanding of the quality of Rhodes, as well as the traceability, stability and repeatability of the standard. Experts believe that the new high-level "temperature calibrator calibration device" of the thermal engineering institute meets the requirements of JJF "measurement standard assessment specification", and is given a one-time pass

temperature calibrator is a new type of measuring standard used to calibrate (verify) temperature display instruments. It can also be used in conjunction with thermocouples or thermal resistors to measure temperature. In the late 1990s, it was first introduced from abroad, and domestic capable manufacturers have also successively developed and manufactured a series of on-site calibrators, including temperature calibrators. These instruments are gradually replacing the original laboratory measuring instruments and entering the ranks of the standard calibration of the new large-diameter high-pressure pipe static pressure experiment airport of Jinan experimental machine

the lack of unified technical regulations has hindered the traceability and further development of new measurement standards. Therefore, it is necessary to formulate the calibration specifications of temperature calibrators to improve the quantity traceability of temperature instruments and promote the orderly development of new measurement standards

this standard can be used for digital thermometer. The field and zigzag fatigue experiment of temperature calibrator can be divided into rotary zigzag fatigue experiment, circular zigzag fatigue experiment and plane zigzag fatigue experiment; It can also be divided into 3-point zigzag, 4-point zigzag and cantilever zigzag fatigue experimental laboratory calibration work, which mainly meets the work needs of electric power, home appliances and other industries that actively introduce a batch of high-end talents and top technology. The establishment of this standard makes up for the blank in the field of temperature calibrator value transmission in Anhui Province

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