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Wacker leather polymer composites won the emission reduction award

Wacker chemical group and its partners won the CO2 emission reduction award in the material design technology award at the international professional exhibition of material application, surface and product engineering held in Munich on October 18 due to their cooperative development of leather polymer composites

leather polymer composites are made by Wacker and its partners using vinnex powder binder based on vinyl acetate and ethylene copolymer and recycled leather leftovers. This new material is based on natural fiber composite technology. Using new technology, they first pressed the leftovers from the leather industry into pellets, and then compounded them with vinnex powder binder to make film rolls, which can be used not only as a solid ground layer, but also for the armor inside the car or furniture and wall veneering. Should the tensile testing machine be high or general

it has been 8 years since the international professional exhibition of material application, surface and product engineering in Munich awarded the material design technology award. The technology award includes materials, products, or surfaces and technologies caused by pointer looseness and displacement, and CO2 emission reduction. There are four categories in the code for design of building foundation GB 50007 (2) 002. The CO2 emission reduction award pays particular attention to the evaluation of whether materials are saved and whether energy consumption is reduced in the production or processing process, and also considers the protection of raw materials, recycling or simplification of processing steps

the main characteristics of new leather polymer composites are recycling, using waste to create value and energy saving. According to wacker's estimation, the application of this technology can reduce CO2 emissions by 30% compared with the use of old products

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