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Wacker has developed a new liquid silicone for radiator gaskets

Wacker Chemical Group has expanded its product range and recently successfully developed a new liquid silicone for the production of gaskets in the automotive industry. The molded parts made of this new type of silicone have the properties of high temperature resistance and coolant resistance, and can also maintain a very low compression deformation rate after long-term load. Therefore, it can firmly seal the engine radiator and automobile cold table tensile testing machine. It is suitable for all kinds of material safety. The tensile strength, tensile strength, elongation and other mechanical property testing system components of water and underground belts. This new silicone called elastosilrt728 is suitable for injection molding process, and can also be directly applied to sealing parts with the help of metering equipment

it is understood that elastosilrt728 is developed by Wacker mainly for the needs of heat-resistant and medium resistant ③ gaskets for separating power lines and signal lines in the automotive manufacturing industry. High coolant resistance is a major feature of this liquid silicone. The compression deformation rate of the gasket made of elastosilrt728 can be kept below 30% after being soaked in the coolant at 105 ° C for 1000 hours; At 125 ° C, the deformation rate in the relaxed state after 1000 hours is also below 65%. This high resilience enables the elastomer to have a stable fitting pressure, so that the sealing groove can obtain excellent sealing performance

in addition, the overall characteristics of elastosilrt728 can remain unchanged even under long-term load. The vulcanizate of this new liquid silicone product can meet the supply requirements of leading automobile manufacturers for gaskets for engine cooling circuits

elastosilrt728 can be used in injection molding process to realize low-cost mass production of molded parts. In addition, this liquid silicone can also be directly applied to sealing parts with the help of metering equipment. Auto parts suppliers often use this process to produce two-component composite components. Elastosilrt728 can meet all technical requirements in this regard. The product has shear thinning performance and self-adhesive function, which is suitable for processing and use of measuring equipment

some auto parts suppliers, such as Le group, an export-oriented industrial cluster of MAH development in Stuttgart, Germany, have begun to use it to produce radiator components

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