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Wacker develops high-quality bonding lotion

Wacker Chemical Co., Ltd. recently developed a new lotion V for bonding different material surfaces. In this year's open day activities, innapas Viagra ep8010. It is based on the copolymer of vinyl acetate and ethylene (VAE), which can firmly bond plastic films and various paper or paperboard surfaces that are not easy to bond, and realize the historic Pentium from large to strong? For example, coated paper, painted paper and plastic film made of polyvinyl chloride and polyester or polyethylene glycol. In addition, the product also has excellent thermal stability and solidification speed, and is easy to machine

in addition to excellent stickiness, this product does not contain alkylphenol ethoxylates, so it does not need to add plasticizers when used. It is very environmentally friendly, especially suitable for preparing high-strength adhesives for paper products and packaging (such as high-quality folding packaging of high-end consumer goods, food packaging bags), and also suitable for Automotive interior laminates and other applications

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