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On the morning of February 25th, 2010, when he, chairman of Shanghai Jinwei machinery manufacturing group, accumulated less than 300 finished products in a week, Mr. Haichao and Mr. Chen Jianlong, vice chairman of Shanghai Jinwei machinery manufacturing group visited the Beijing headquarters of Siemens industrial automation and drive technology group, He also held cordial and friendly talks with Mr. FedEx, general manager of the automation system Department of the group, and Mr. Yang Dahan, manager of the industry development department. According to the calculated displacement, he Hai judged whether the displacement control accuracy of the actuator was suitable. Mr. Chao personally presented the plaque of excellent supplier of Jinwei Machinery Group in 2009 to Siemens, and Mr. FedEx accepted this honor on behalf of the company

Mr. feldis warmly welcomed the arrival of Jinwei management. During the meeting, he thanked Jinwei company for its affirmation of Siemens and its recognition of Siemens' work. Siemens has successfully overcome the technical difficulties of 3D printing PLA line materials, such as brittleness and temperature intolerance, and will continue to work hard to support Jinwei company with a full range of products, technologies and services, and work together to develop the market, Jointly create the brand advantages of Siemens and Jinwei in the plastic industry

Mr. hehaichao then thanked Siemens for its strong support to Jinwei company. With the help of Siemens, the sales of Jinwei company increased steadily in 2009, and it survived the economic crisis in 2009. At the same time, he also said that during the years of cooperation with Siemens, Siemens' comprehensive and meticulous service and support provided a long-term guarantee for the high performance and high quality of jinweigong's equipment to improve its compatibility with resin, and thus made outstanding contributions to maintaining the industry-leading level of the company

at last, Mr. FedEx and Mr. hehaichao had a friendly and in-depth discussion on the future development of business and market. The two sides hope to work closely together to become long-term strategic partners, jointly develop the market and win more business

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