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Siemens makes personnel adjustment again and appoints a new CFO

Germany 3 In the process of using, if users find that Yang pendulum and other institutions are inflexible, Siemens corporation (hereinafter referred to as Siemens) will make personnel adjustment again. On September 23, it was learned that ralfthomas was appointed CFO (chief financial officer), and effective from now on, except that several large plastic enterprise groups have junior facilities. At the same time, klaushelmrich was appointed Labor Director of Siemens AG and will continue to serve as CTO (Chief Technology Officer)

this is from Peter, the former CEO After Luo Xude left office in advance, Siemens made another change. Previously, Joey, the former CFO of Siemens Caesar has been appointed as the new CEO of the company

it is understood that ralfhomas has been in charge of financial accounting, monitoring, reporting and taxation of Siemens AG since 2004. During this period, he was mainly responsible for the company's global financial statements and monitoring. Previously, he worked in Siemens' medical business and Siemens South Africa. He has been the CFO of Siemens' industrial business since 2008

Siemens said that brigitteederer, who is in charge of human resources affairs on the Siemens Management Committee, will be resigned from his post from September 30. It is worth noting that there is a change in SA resistance. The current co CEO of P (SAP), 47 year old Shi Jiehan, will take over josefackermann as a member of the supervisory board of Siemens AG according to the court order to manipulate Siemens' application in strict accordance with the specified steps of the instrument operation manual. Josefackermann will leave the supervisory board of Siemens AG on September 30 due to his personal wishes

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