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Siemens' PCS 7 DCS system shortens the production cycle time of starch company by half

using the method of upgrading and transforming the existing devices in stages, national starch and chemical company and Siemens Energy and automation company share their work and cooperate in a new plant in Salisbury, North Carolina, which not only improves the product quality, but also shortens the cycle time to half of the original. The devices used in this project include PCS7 distributed control system of Siemens company, which is used to automate the process of producing moisture-resistant and crack proof adhesive resin. You can find this adhesive resin in microchips used in mobile, notebook computers, PDAs and other electronic devices all over the world

if you accidentally drop it on the ground and it still works normally next time, you should thank the national starch and chemical companies. Almost every mobile device made by people today contains semiconductor chips, which are made of adhesive resin with high flexibility, moisture resistance and anti fragmentation provided by the electronic materials division of national starch and chemical company. This special resin also improves the reliability of the chip. You can find this kind of electronic chip in notebook computers, PDAs and other electronic devices all over the world

jeffmueller is the engineering manager of the national starch factory and R & D institution in Salisbury, North Carolina, where many special resins are produced

"at national starch, reliability is our top priority. Our attractiveness to customers depends on this," Mueller said. "Unplanned parking will immediately add up to millions of dollars to our losses, and will make our customers turn to other suppliers."

Mueller said that in addition to reliability, other priority issues in the production process of national starch company also include reducing the time from factory to market and adopting the most advanced technology in order to maintain the competitiveness of the company. He added that repeatability is also crucial: "a chip manufacturer needs to invest a huge amount of money in its production line. They require that the products we provide can be accurately distributed through syringes. That is why product consistency is so important."

in 2002, Mueller developed a phased production control technology roadmap to meet the urgent needs of the company's production. This roadmap will serve as a guideline to help the company improve product repeatability and extend the life cycle of the existing hardware infrastructure of the company's chemical production plant. In addition, a new and adjacent production facility should be planned

National Starch believes that partnering with a supplier of automation and control products is critical to the success of this roadmap. In order to select suitable automation and control partners, National Starch Corporation, American Control Corporation (CCA) and Wesco Process Automation Corporation jointly developed an evaluation matrix, which lists nine selection principles: cost, overall technical ability, operator friendliness, programmer friendliness, open communication standards, utilization of ti505 original control platform hardware, transformation and reuse of ti505 program To achieve new breakthroughs in innovation driven; The use and batch formula control ability of ICI company (the parent company of national starch company) before trying to build three raw material industry management systems

three well-known process automation suppliers were invited to introduce to an evaluation committee, which will compare the three companies according to the priority matrix principle of national starch company

"when a supplier recommends us a solution that has not been commercialized yet," Mueller said. "I have heard the word 'soon' many times. For example, they said that there would soon be a solution that would allow us to convert to batch recipes. When I heard them say this, I really felt nervous."

"when we want to make decisions through data, we design a priority matrix," Mueller said. "We found people who will use these systems in the future, and asked them to rank these principles according to their importance. When the supplier made an introduction, we filled in these matrices. Siemens' simaticpcs7 distributed control system (DCS) is the best control system we choose as the international influence of the plastic extruder industry continues to rise."

the method of phased implementation minimizes the shutdown time.

in order to minimize the interference to the existing operation and establish a clear way for other improvements, national starch company adopts a method of phased transplantation to SIEMENS PCS7 DCS system

the existing control system runs with different versions of software and hardware. In order to use a new control system, the existing system must be in a common state, and then it can be transplanted. This strategy minimizes the risk of disrupting the production process and allows national starch to adopt a consistent transplant plan for all reactors

The first phase of this roadmap was implemented in 2003. Mueller said that the company decided to standardize and convert two 435plc into simatic545 and 505 controllers from siemens energy and automation, which control a scraping film evaporator and a rotating disc dryer

"the transformation transplanted to the 545 controller enables us to standardize all PLCs and evaluate various options for the next transformation. The purpose is to use the existing hardware in the new system."

The second stage of the transformation was carried out in 2004, and its central content is to add a new reactor series to the existing organic chemical plant. Mueller said that this is to gain the experience of using pcs7dcs system and PROFIBUS communication network to connect with measuring equipment and control equipment

"we start the transformation from low-risk projects, hoping to minimize the risk of confusion in the production process," Mueller said. "This strategy enables us to adopt a modular programming method, and take it as a template for the future system, as well as a stepping stone to realize batch formula management in the future."

the installation of the new reactor series also includes the installation of PCS7 DCS system, which uses redundant simaticsh controllers. The installation work also includes Siemens' PCS7 operator stations (OS), which are connected through Ethernet throughout the organic chemical plant

"the factory operators have been very familiar with the appearance, operation feeling and function of PCS7 human-machine interface equipment," Mueller said. "The design purpose of this system is to look similar to our existing human-machine interface platform, so for the operator, the high-end of the new high-end electronic universal experimental machine is mainly reflected in the high-precision photoelectric encoder, and the difference between the old system is very small. At the same time, the new system provides a more powerful function, which enables the operator to check whether something is interlocked, or call up historical data and trend data at the same time 。 They like the new system very much. "

in 2005, PCS7 System proved its performance through the start-up of the new reactor series. At the same time, Mueller also began to implement the third stage of the roadmap - transforming the system from simatic545 and 505 controllers of Siemens to PCS7 DCS system of Siemens. In 2005, the transformation of DCS system of one reactor and one rotary disc dryer in the existing reactor series was successfully completed

by transforming the software and hardware of the automation system of one reactor at a time into a PCS7 System, Mueller can be sure that the production process will not be disturbed. He is now able to develop standardized function modules and control modules, which can support batch formulation processes and can also be used as templates for future systems. The rest of the reactor series will be upgraded to Siemens' p-stop to 1-CUT liquid cs7dcs system in the next two years

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