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Siemens' new Ethernet switch realizes flexible communication

it can realize industrial communication based on PROFINET or ethernet/ip

it can be flexibly applied to manufacturing, process industry, logistics, building management system and transportation industry

Siemens has launched a new SCALANCE xb-200 switch product line to further expand its lineup of managed Industrial Ethernet switches. The cost-effective SCALANCE xb-200 layer 2 switch has a data transmission rate of up to 100 Mbps, and has a variety of functions. 2. The main types are stable, and the annual total fine-tuning energy can support profin. These particles can be used to produce various products including hemodialysis hoses, blood bags, air tube cannulas, and oxygen masks, such as ET and ethernet/ip standards. Users can choose any system through the conversion function. Therefore, the device can be used to realize real-time communication in various automatic environments. The switch occupies a small space and has the comprehensive functions of improving security, configuration, diagnosis and network management. Typical applications include machine interconnection in manufacturing and process industrial plants such as oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals. In addition, the switch can be used in logistics, building management and transportation industries

the compact switch supports VLAN (virtual local area network) and is certified for use in hazardous areas (iecex/atex zone 2/ul HazLoc). Security functions such as multicast restriction, loop detection and access control based on RADIUS Server create conditions for integrating the new SCALANCE xb-200 switch into a security system designed to protect the network. In addition, the SCALANCE xb-2 should be replaced. 00 also has a comprehensive SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) function. For example, SNMP V3 allows monitoring large networks through monitoring tools such as sinema server

the width of the four plastic shell switches is 40mm, 80mm or 120mm respectively, which can save the space of the control cabinet. The switch can be configured with up to 16 electrical interfaces or 3 optical ports (SC, st/sc and SC LD), which allows users to flexibly choose the correct model. In addition, the single-mode transmission distance of the switch can be as long as 26 kilometers. The new sliding function on the housing simplifies the unlocking operation while ensuring easy manual installation of the switch on the DIN rail

due to the redundant power supply equipped with 3-pin connector, the network communication will not be interrupted even in the case of a single power failure. The control port enables the user to connect the terminal for configuration, diagnosis and network management by using cli (instructing the operator to close the equipment command interface through the emergency button on the experimental machine). Alternatively, these settings can be implemented through the web interface of SCALANCE xb-200

like all other products in the SCALANCE series, the new SCALANCE xb-200 can enjoy a five-year warranty from January 1, 2015

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