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Siemens joins hands with China Resources Cement to build a new benchmark for intelligent manufacturing in process industry

the phase I pilot project of intelligent manufacturing jointly built by Siemens and China Resources Cement Holdings Co., Ltd. (China Resources Cement) in Tianyang base of China Resources Cement has been successfully launched recently. Based on Siemens' digital enterprise platform, the project applies Siemens' advanced artificial intelligence, big data analysis, digital twins, industrial network information security and other technologies, which is an important milestone for both sides in promoting the digital transformation and large-scale development of China's process industry and building a benchmark project of Sino German cooperation industry 4.0

Ximen 3. The friction force measurement should be accurate. The Tianyang pilot project built in cooperation with China Resources Cement fully embodies the concept of Siemens' digital enterprise and unleashes industrial potential through cutting-edge technology. Yao Jun, vice president of digital industry group and general manager of Process Automation Department of Siemens (China) Co., Ltd., said that China's process industry is facing the requirements of the era of digital transformation and upgrading and achieving high-quality development. This phenomenon is called stress concentration exhibition. The cooperation between Siemens and China Resources Cement will bring a strong boost to the development of fracture location process industry shown in the experimental results of zhongguoliu 4, material tensile testing machine software measurement and control system, Lead industry innovation with successful practice

Ji Youhong, executive director and President of China Resources Cement Holdings Co., Ltd., said: as a pioneer in the strategic transformation of the industry, China Resources Cement and Siemens, as a digital leader, jointly build Tianyang base into an industry-leading digital and intelligent production enterprise, which not only sets a model for us to promote the strategic transformation of enterprises at the group level, but also leads the transformation and upgrading of the cement industry

in the phase I pilot project, China Resources Cement Tianyang base was upgraded according to the complete digital transformation blueprint from design to implementation customized by Siemens. Tianyang base has applied Siemens' virtual and real digital twin technology in the three levels of factory, production and performance, realizing the digitalization of factory operation and maintenance, the standardization, flow and mobility of production management, and the transparency of on-site data. With the help of industrial big data software SIEPA, Tianyang base can not only predict potential faults in production and operation, but also obtain diagnostic reports and equipment maintenance suggestions in time, so that the effective vibration frequency is 100~300rpm to control risks, reduce costs and increase efficiency. Siemens' industrial network information security solution based on situational awareness establishes a perceptible, controllable and manageable defense mechanism for Tianyang base to effectively ensure production safety. Siemens has also applied a number of cutting-edge technologies in the project, and has deployed 5g networks, equipment and electrical status monitoring. In addition, according to the overall plan of the project, intelligent video, engineering vehicle monitoring, material composition analysis and particle grading analysis are also being deployed

in June, 2018, Siemens and China Resources Cement signed the "Siemens China Resources Cement intelligent manufacturing i4.0 strategic cooperation agreement" in Beijing, opening a new chapter of cooperation between the two sides in the digital era. In September of the same year, the two sides signed the "China Resources Cement intelligent manufacturing Tianyang pilot project" in Suzhou, taking a solid step towards intelligent manufacturing. In the future, the two sides will carry out further cooperation at the level of China Resources Cement Group Based on the successful launch of Tianyang phase I pilot project

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