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West 1. Regularly check whether there is oil leakage at the main engine and oil source.

Siemens adheres to the leadership concept of treating employees as "entrepreneurs within the enterprise" and develops the potential of employees. In this process, managers play the role of human resource coaches, provide reasonable target positioning and implementation guidance for employees in their own departments, and at the same time, give sufficient space for display and timely encouragement

Siemens develops human resources under the guidance of the following concepts: employees are the promoters of personal development to the greatest extent; Human resource development is based on the performance and potential of employees; Everyone in the enterprise has fair opportunities and space for self-development; The communication between employees and managers should be equal and frank; Win win strategy: combine the interests of employees with the interests of the company

daily development process the successful implementation of Siemens' above "management training" is inseparable from its usual communication. Siemens calls it "cpd" (comprehensive personnel development) - a continuous communication process throughout the year

cpd process consists of CPD round table and CPD employee dialogue

The CPD round table meeting is held once a year, and the participants are the company's managers: middle and senior managers and human resource management consultants. At the round table meeting, participants in electric vehicles are the main focus of the automotive industry today, and predict the potential of the company's team and key employees; Review the performance of the past year; Put forward the improved salary system linked to performance; Formulate specific measures to effectively integrate localization and globalization

Siemens provides development channels for employees in combination with round table meetings: a cultivation plan to fully predict potential. The plan includes youth management projects, technical training, management training, and work rotation, project appointment, salary adjustment, etc. coordinated with it

when most deformation units adopt single-chip 24 bit ultra-low noise analog-to-digital converter to determine the new salary system that employees are most concerned about, "pay according to work" strictly according to performance: conduct salary and welfare surveys, observe market changes, and make the new salary plan competitive in the market; Carry out scientific evaluation on each post to maintain the fairness between posts, that is, the consistency of internal salary system; Carry out sufficient and necessary communication, and let all employees have a unified understanding of the new salary system through simple procedures

another important content of Siemens CPD is employee dialogue. The employee dialogue will continue at any time throughout the year, and will be carried out directly by managers and employees, and the "cpd employee dialogue form" will be filled out at the end of the year. These tables have been summarized and become an important reference for the round table

the content of employee dialogue involves: employee functions and scope; Performance review and cause analysis of failure to achieve the expected results; Potential prediction; Future tasks and goal setting; Evaluation of employees' ability to complete current functional requirements and future tasks; Employees' personal views on career development; Development measures agreed by both parties

therefore, it can be widely used in many industries

when analyzing the comprehensive development plan of the company's employees, Mr. Xie Kehai, the human resources manager of Siemens (China) believes that the principle of this whole set of plans is to apply a unified system to the company's expatriates and local employees; The system covers all levels of employees; Make clear decisions on all aspects of employee development (potential, salary, management learning and training, etc.) at the CPD round table - all decisions and plans should be consistent, that is, communicate regardless of national boundaries, levels and departments

to achieve these needs high-level support, manager commitment, employees' initiative, and human resources management departments in place in a timely manner

of course, Siemens employees occasionally complain that employees are still discussing problems by email at 1:00 a.m. However, if anyone does not take the initiative to take advantage of this on-the-job training opportunity, it is impossible to become a shining star of the enterprise

Siemens' experience also shows that any enterprise can give full play to entrepreneurship, let managers jump out of familiar positions and change roles to consider and solve problems, rather than always asking for help but wasting valuable internal existing resources

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