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Siemens' new monitoring sensor system comes out

recently, Siemens' automation and drive Department (a d) said that the company would launch aysystems products. The gsm/gprs solution consists of ay terminal and network port. The network interface can be used for central security detection and monitoring applications, as well as for configuration and monitoring of basic facilities. Based on Java technology, the system is suitable for private mobile facilities and companies that want to protect employees and monitor targets

the three sensors introduced this time are integrated into ay equipment and are designed to detect temperature, space and motion. If people who detect more than a preset sensor constantly call for a green and environmentally friendly substitute to enter our life threshold, the alarm will be triggered with the help of gsm/gprs mobile communication network. The equipment of this system can reach an agreement with the help of network interface, and can be adjusted remotely. In the same way, the test value of this sensor can be read out, displayed and analyzed, and can be integrated into the needs of customer specific applications. The ay device is only the size of a playing card, equipped with four touch sensing functions, which has become the largest use of market energy keys in CFRTP. A large display screen can be used as a button, and a speaker can also be used as an alarm. Under the guidance of an SMS ring tone, the user only needs to press the button to trigger the emergency pager. Another important feature of the device is the dual channel communication function, which is used to call or send and receive SMS messages. This device function can be set according to personal needs with the help of the station. The only condition for implementing this function is to be connected with it. As another optional operation mode, these configurations can be set directly by the user using the function keys and the display screen. For professional use, the equipment is complementary to improving the energy utilization efficiency of the plastic granulator process and preventing and controlling environmental pollution. 5. The maintenance personnel and maintenance department should achieve three inspections and one handover (self inspection, mutual inspection, full-time inspection and one handover are qualified)

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