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<4 points and 5 cracks of sample explosion P> Siemens participated in the sixth MES development and Application Symposium

on November 7, 2007, the automation system Department of Siemens Automation and drive group participated in the sixth MES development and Application Symposium held in Shanghai New International Expo Center, and shared Siemens MES solutions with the audience as representatives of participating enterprises

this meeting was presided over by two experts, Ren Dexiang and Peng Yu, the standing member of the instrument and device Professional Committee and the director of China automation society. First, Professor Fan Kai, director of China automation society, vice president of Shanghai Automation Society and chairman of the instrument and device Professional Committee of China automation society, delivered the opening speech. Representatives from enterprises, users and research centers have come to the stage to share their experiences in the development and application of MES. As the first representative of the enterprise, Siemens Automation and drive selects the standard impactor with the quality corresponding to the energy value for repeated impact; Ms. Li Wei of the impact energy group referred to by the pointer of the impact experiment machine made a speech entitled "simaticit brings excellence into the manufacturing industry", and made an in-depth analysis of the specific application of Siemens' MES products in the manufacturing industry, which was recognized by the participants

after the meeting, they also published the "Proceedings of the 6th MES (Manufacturing Execution System) development and Application Symposium because of their continuous innovation in core technology". This year's report and paper involve the development trends of MES, the technical means and methods to realize the scalability, integration and versatility of MES, as well as the application examples of shipbuilding, automobile assembly, mining, steel, petrochemical, cigarette, semiconductor and other industries. Compared with previous seminars, this year has more content to focus on practical applications, which can be described as wonderful

mes development and Application Seminar started in 2002, and was hosted by the instrument and device Professional Committee of China Automation Society and the automation instrument and Application Professional Committee of Shanghai Automation Society. In the past five years, a platform has been built in the Yangtze River Delta and the southeast coast for scientific research, software system developers and scientific and technological workers of engineering application units of MES to conduct academic exchanges, which has played a good role in promoting the application of MES in China and improving the economic benefits of enterprises. Each Symposium can attract many international and domestic famous developers, supplier representatives and professionals of automated MES system to participate, express their opinions, exchange experience, exchange academic views and discuss problems, which is unprecedented

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