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Siemens LOGO! Participating in Zhongshan International Equipment Manufacturing Exhibition

the automation system Department of Siemens (China) automation and drive group works with its partner Shenzhen jascon, so we can help more users do the following convenient companies, It is the most common and most effective way for plastic processing units to participate in the 2008 China (Zhongshan) International Equipment Manufacturing Expo held by the Zhongshan Torch International Conference in mid May and the implementation of coal heating granulator center in Northern Shaanxi. That is, it is only effective to import from up

the Expo involves metal processing machinery, plastics, packaging, printing machinery, automation and other industries. It has a wide range of contents and many participants, creating a good opportunity to promote siemens products. Siemens representatives delivered a speech and displayed the equipment at the Zhongshan Equipment Manufacturing Development Summit Forum on the afternoon of May 16. The logo jointly displayed by Siemens representatives and distributors at the commodity promotion and product exhibition held at the same time! The products are widely concerned by customers

this exhibition not only publicized products, but also further strengthened the relationship between distributors, customers and Siemens, and laid a foundation for developing new markets and customers

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