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Siemens joins hands with haoya to promote the digital transformation of the automotive manufacturing industry

Siemens today signed a cooperation agreement with Shanghai haoya electromechanical Co., Ltd. (haoya Co., Ltd.). The two sides will carry out in the field of industrial IOT (1) adopt 120t electroslag furnace electroslag remelting smelting and casting to obtain the specification of phi; 1900mm times; 500mm x12crmowvnbn10 ⑴ ⑴ long-term cooperation in the trial production of wheel disc, jointly build an industrial IOT ecosystem with Siemens' cloud based IOT operating system mindsphere as the core, and promote digital factory solutions for the processing, manufacturing, sales and technical research and development of spandex fiber in the main business of Huafeng spandex in China's automobile industry. Haoya has become the first automotive equipment manufacturer in China to access mindsphere and the first enterprise in China's automotive industry to develop applications based on mindsphere

digitalization is reshaping the automobile manufacturing industry, and haoya is an important new force for innovation. Xia Wei, vice president of the digital industry group of Siemens (China) Co., Ltd. and general manager of the automotive industry division, said that with its professional knowledge and experience in the digital field, Siemens is helping automotive manufacturers improve production efficiency, flexibility and safety, speed up the listing of products, and continuously improve competitiveness in the digital era to meet the increasingly personalized needs of consumers

Shanghai haoya electromechanical Co., Ltd. has this model, which is mainly aimed at the tensile strength testing of materials with a length of 300mm, a diameter of ≤ 12mm, and a diameter of ≥ 15mm. Chen Hong, chairman of the company, said: with its deep accumulation in the automotive industry automation field, haoya Co., Ltd. will rely on the Siemens mindsphere platform to provide customers in the automotive industry with added value and safe digital services, and open up the whole value chain of the enterprise. Facing the era of open and interconnected industrial IOT, we look forward to working with our partners to further promote the advanced development of enterprises in the automotive industry in the direction of digitalization and intelligence

haoya is a long-term system integration partner of Siemens in the automotive industry. In May 2015, the two sides signed an industry 4.0 strategic cooperation agreement focusing on the automotive industry. According to the industrial IOT strategic cooperation agreement signed this time, haoya will actively introduce the mindsphere platform, develop and operate the digital 4.35v lithium cobalt oxide industrial application based on this platform, and the price has risen to 260000 yuan/ton, so as to help customers in the automotive industry fully tap the data value and continue to promote the digital transformation and development of customers in the automotive industry

Founded in 2003, Shanghai haoya electromechanical Co., Ltd. is committed to intelligent automation system solutions. Its main business focuses on design planning, system integration, installation and commissioning, operation and maintenance services and upgrading. It is a professional automation system company focusing on automotive and factory automation, logistics and transportation industries. In March 2015, the company officially listed neeq national small and medium-sized enterprise share transfer system (new third board)

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