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Siemens MES was successfully implemented in Qingdao Cigarette Factory

on April 3, 2007, the CIMS project of Shandong China Tobacco Industry Corporation Qingdao Cigarette Factory successfully passed the review and appraisal of experts of the appraisal committee, in which the production execution system (MES) was mainly implemented by Siemens Factory Automation Engineering Co., Ltd. (SFAE) under the automation and drive group of Siemens (China) Co., Ltd

wang Ping, general manager of SFAE, said in summing up the successful experience of the project: "Siemens has invested a lot of energy in the Qingdao Cigarette Factory project, and has used global resources to send senior MES consultants from Germany, Belgium, Italy and other countries to Qingdao Cigarette Factory to solve technical difficulties. During the implementation period, we established the Qingdao Cigarette Factory resident project team. The project members have all the professional qualities of customer service and the spirit of innovative research, which can be said to be a model in the same industry. Siemens The company has the ability, technology and rich industry experience to continuously deepen the communication with customers and fully understand their needs, so as to ensure the successful implementation of the project. The MES project of Qingdao Cigarette Factory is a customized product. In the past few years of cooperation, Siemens has been closely combined with the needs of Qingdao Cigarette Factory to find the most suitable solution and deeply tap the benefits and value of customers. "

Mr. claudiozilich, manager of MES Consulting Department of Siemens Automation and drive group, fully affirmed the success of the project: "We are very pleased to see the successful implementation of the MES system of Qingdao Cigarette Factory. In fact, the scale and difficulty of this project are rare in Siemens' global scope. The success of this project benefits from the joint efforts of Qingdao Cigarette Factory and all members of the project implementation team. Siemens is proud of the success of this project."

The success of the project also surprised the foreign experts who visited the factory. After knowing the final results of the project, the German experts who have visited Qingdao Nuremberg for more than ten times and participated in the early MES design of Qingdao Cigarette Factory said that the management and control functions of the whole production process of Qingdao Cigarette Factory from the delivery of tobacco raw materials to the warehousing of cigarette finished products were implemented in an integrated manner, and ERP, CAD and other system software were implemented at the same time in MES, and it was very difficult to integrate with multiple external systems. This is also rare in large manufacturing enterprises in European and American countries. He spoke highly of the high-quality and efficient performance of the Chinese implementation team

at the site of the appraisal meeting of the science and technology building of the information center of Qingdao Cigarette Factory, Professor Wu Cheng, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and director of the national CIMS Engineering Technology Research Center, presided over the appraisal work, and Zhang Baozhen, deputy director of the state tobacco monopoly administration, attended the meeting. The appraisal committee agreed that the CIMS project of Qingdao Cigarette Factory has met the requirements of the national "863/cims" project "overall design of integrated manufacturing system in the tobacco industry", and has completed the engineering application verification of this project, which has taken a solid step for comprehensively promoting the construction of enterprise informatization and building a comprehensive digital tobacco enterprise

Qingdao Cigarette Factory is a large-scale state-owned key enterprise. As a demonstration unit of the national "863/cims" project in the tobacco industry, in September 2001, Qingdao Cigarette Factory cooperated with the state tobacco monopoly administration to apply for the national 863/cims project, that is, the project of "overall scheme design and key technology Research of modern integrated manufacturing system in the tobacco industry"

in 2003, the modern integrated manufacturing system of Qingdao Cigarette Factory initiated the scientific and Technological Development Project in the science and Education Department of the state tobacco monopoly administration, and made it clear that the CIMS project is divided into three layers of framework structure: the upper layer is the enterprise resource planning system (ERP), which integrates customers, markets, sales, planning, procurement, production, finance and services, and is a modern enterprise management platform for supply chain management, supplemented by the cigarette formula intelligent aided design system; The middle layer is the production execution system (MES), which is a production execution system for fine production and improving manufacturing flexibility. 2. For rectangular samples and brittle samples, it is a layer; The bottom layer is the production and logistics automation system, which is the production control layer for automatic production and processing. Supplemented by business intelligence system, office automation system and computer network support system, a comprehensive and advanced information support platform is formed

after the new factory of Qingdao Cigarette Factory is completed and put into operation, it adopts the grouping processing method, and 13 different processing routes are completed through the new utilization fields of Siemens Si, which also urges enterprises to continuously improve the model driven technology of maticit. In the three-tier architecture of CIMS, production execution system (MES) plays an important role in connecting the preceding and the following. It transmits information related to production in time, and optimizes a series of production activities from receiving orders to warehousing finished products

based on the principles of advanced, efficient, safe and practical, Qingdao Cigarette Factory chooses to quote the mature foreign MES software simaticit of Siemens. The implementation scope of MES project covers all aspects of the production process of cigarette industry enterprises. It provides flexible modeling tools, puts the model of each production line and equipment in the system, and manages the whole production process through a model driven method, The change of equipment or process can be realized by adjusting the stiffness of bellows ring. The experimental machine is widely used in the measurement model of the stiffness of thermoplastic pipes and FRP pipe rings with annular cross-section, which is extremely simple and flexible. After MES went online, the time of production plan preparation and release was reduced from 4 hours to 10 minutes, the production process was saved by 1 hour, the quality information was fed back in real time, and the release of process standards was shortened from 4 hours to 1 minute

general manager Wang Ping finally said that SFAE company understands the Chinese market, has rich industry application knowledge and experience, relies on the solid user base of Siemens simaticit product solutions, gathers nearly 600 employees from branches in more than 10 cities across the country, combines valuable global resources, and will form a strong market zero adjustment impact based on the service concept of zero distance with customers, Help Chinese tobacco enterprises and users in various industries understand MES, make good use of MES, and use modern production management software tools to cope with global challenges and competition

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