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Siemens joins hands with EOS and dyemansion to realize the industrialization of additive manufacturing by using polymers

the end-to-end software and automation solutions based on Siemens' digital enterprise business portfolio will promote the leading industrialization process of technology providers and additive manufacturing users, which may cause the loss of test reports and data information after reinstallation.

West fieldbus is an open The full digital, two-way, multi station communication system door, with the theme of cooperation to realize the next industrialization of additive manufacturing, will display its digital enterprise business portfolio for additive manufacturing industrialization on formnext connect, as well as the co creation achievements in additive manufacturing with partners. Siemens will highlight its cooperation with EOS and dyemansion, and the three parties will jointly build the first additive manufacturing virtual factory for the industrial production of polymer selective laser sintering. Siemens, EOS and dyemansion will take the application of shoe midsole as an example to show how to realize industrial production with polymer materials and SLS equipment in the whole value chain under the condition of independent and economic consideration of design, fit, color and other parameters. From design, printing to post-processing and end-to-end IT integration, an automated chain of production steps coordinated by all suppliers is essential to achieve high productivity and maximum flexibility. This is applicable to the mass production of serial parts and highly flexible personalized products or spare parts. Dr. Karsten Heuser, vice president of additive manufacturing in Siemens' digital industrial business, said that with Siemens' end-to-end digital and automation solutions, we have successfully created a seamless integrated end-to-end value chain with our partners EOS and dyemansion, and achieved industrial additive manufacturing by using polymer selective laser sintering and industrial post-processing solutions

for mass production, EOS P 500, which can be seamlessly integrated into automated production, is playing a role in this cooperation. Markus Glasser, senior vice president of EOS Europe, Middle East and Africa, said: our EOS P 500 manufacturing platform is very suitable for laser sintering of plastic parts on an industrial scale. One of its main advantages is that it has the ability of automation, which can realize the overall improvement of production efficiency while maintaining stable and high-quality parts. This ensures the economical cost of parts. The development of horizontal tensile testing machine can even produce parts made of additive materials overnight. For small and highly flexible additive manufacturing plant units, formiga P 110 system can be used. Because it integrates eosprint, Siemens NX design tools can now be used directly. Users can design complex lattice structure through NX, and take the footwear application as an example to simulate and create digital twins in the midsole of shoes on people wearing it. From December, NX will allow the use of mathematical equations to seamlessly integrate arbitrary complex shapes and structures into the design process, so as to give greater play to the advantages of rapid prototyping and manufacturing in product design

in terms of post-processing, dyemansion can be extended from prototype or small batch production to additive manufacturing batch production. The integrated Siemens automation system can be implemented in industrial workshops and can optimize maintenance and operator processing. Felix Ewald, CEO and co-founder of dyemansion, said about this new cooperation: it is a major task we are proud to work with Siemens and EOS to bring future manufacturing technology into production. Digital integration, automation and providing the highest industrial level solutions are our goals, and we are united on this path. When the three market leaders in their respective fields unite to assume the leading role, this is a strong signal not only to the international industry, but also to Germany

through the digital enterprise business portfolio, Siemens provides technology providers and users with digital twins that reflect the real world, so as to ensure that components can be accurately produced when printed for the first time. On the basis of digital twins, a flexible and scalable manufacturing concept is being developed and verified, which can meet the productivity and cost requirements of traditional mass production even before production begins. Siemens will hold the Siemens additive manufacturing summit online during formnext connect and display the first virtual prototype factory for selective laser sintering additive manufacturing using EOS and dyemansion. At the same time, Siemens is also expanding its digital additive manufacturing experience center and officially opened to the public during formnext connect. Siemens plans to show the key processes in the value chain in this case in this experience center in 2021, and work with partners to further accelerate the industrialization process of additive manufacturing

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