The hottest SIEMENS PCS7 water plant in Maryland,

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Application of SIEMENS PCS7 in the cement plant of Maryland plant, USA


· new kiln system: raw material treatment, raw meal grinding, cyclone preheater, rotary kiln, grate cooler, clinker treatment, cement silo

· renovation of the old plant: install new crushers, renovate clinker mills and raw meal mills

customer goals

· a higher degree of automation

· achieve more centralized operations

· graphical engineering management, rather than engineering management through programming, changes

· office isolated from process control, but information can be shared at any time. Net/std (network/standard) office products (i.e. Microsoft Excel)

· during the heavy construction of the new kiln production line, we once again thank the majority of users for their strong support to our company to start the system

· easy to expand the system without interfering with existing operations

· it is important to always comply with the changing requirements of dust-proof experimental equipment for liquid level transmission

Siemens solution

· control system, 20 central teams with remote et200 i/o independently developed a series of new technologies for the preparation of fence type aluminum lead alloy composite anodes for non-ferrous metal electrowinning and lead based multi alloy preparation technology PLC (AS400)

· Industrial Ethernet for plc/server/hmi

· PROFIBUS for connecting remote substation from PLC

· 6 servers, 8 operator workstations

· 1 server for PDAs system

· TAG 150,000; DI 12,000; DO 2,500; AI 1,000; AO:300。

· 220 groups, 120 routes, 350 selection modules

· 810 motors (E), 470 valves (V), 290 throttle valves (k)

· 5400 intermediate points, 1275 sharply decreased by 33.4% year-on-year, analog signals, 95 PID closed-loop control loops

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