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Development and design of shaftless continuous filling cement packaging machine

at present, DGT and bgy system cement packaging machines have the following shortcomings in technology after practice:

1) adopt the fan blade rotary ash conveying method, when the fan blade rotates, the ash and wind are stored together, the ash is loose when bagging, and the gas overflows from the bag mouth with the ash powder, which is very serious pollution

2) due to the loose ash in the bagging process, the ash powder is not compacted in the bag, Influence measurement:

3) when the fineness of ash powder of the easy card ram of the ash discharge nozzle is not enough, the task of cleaning the ram is heavy, time-consuming and laborious, which affects the work:

4) inaccurate juice volume: when the voltage peak and valley change greatly, the sensitivity of the proximity switch will change greatly. When the sensitivity is too high, the bag weight will decrease, otherwise the bag weight is too high:

5) the damage rate of the fan blade is very high, as long as there are sundries in the ash, such as nails, screws Iron segment and other objects. Fan blades are bound to deform:

6) ash leakage often occurs in the process of packaging cement, and the Taiwan cotton packing gland is used to block the ash leakage place. Once the asbestos packing is worn, it will not have the effect of leakage prevention, and the leakage proof RAM is set outside, which can not achieve the listed purpose of ash discharge and leakage prevention:

to overcome the shortcomings of the existing technology for the factory, This paper develops and designs a shaftless continuous filling cement packaging machine: the machine uses a hollow hinge 7J to transport ash, the ash outlet nozzle continuously discharges ash and packs bags, without blocking ash, and the gate can be opened and closed freely. Because the packaging machine is directly driven by the pulley supported by the bearing to rotate the main shaft, it has the advantages of simple structure, easy installation, good sealing, simple operation, convenient maintenance, time-saving and labor-saving =

1 the structure of the packaging machine

is shown in Figure 1, The machine is mainly composed of four parts: frame, conveyor, control and measurement

1.1 frame part: the rectangular frame 25 is equipped with thick steel plate 23, which is used as the support of the conveying part and the hanger of the controller 3. The upper part of the frame is manned, and the bottom of the ash hopper is installed with motor 27, so that the center of gravity of the whole machine is reduced, and the work is stable and reliable =l-2 conveying part: the packaging machine winch L5 is a closed structure, with shaft reamer L4 and lining plate 5 inside. The flange L2 in front of the winch is opened with two ash outlets 28, which are correspondingly connected to the ash outlet 8, There is a sealing ram L3 close to the ash outlet, which is connected with the ram rocker arm 7 that can rotate outside the winch, and the connecting channel between the rocker arm and the ram is provided with a sealing ring 6. The flange L7 at the tail of the winch is provided with a through shaft opening 18, the belt pulley 20 drives the main shaft 22 to connect with the shaftless reamer L4, and the through shaft opening is provided with a sealing ring L9

when discharging ash, the sealing ram L3 is close to the ash outlet, and the ram L3 and the sealing rings 6 and 19 can achieve the purpose of preventing ash leakage

1.3 control part: the controller 3 is connected with the ram L3 and the bag presser 9 through the connecting rod 4, the ram L3 is controlled by the rocker arm 7 to discharge ash alternately, and is continuously filled through the ash discharge nozzle 8:

L-4 metering part: the weighing frame L is equipped with the bag tray 2, and the upper part of the frame is equipped with electromagnet, sensor l0, metering box 11 and electronic display board, Sensor technology and electronic display technology have high precision and convenient use, which are unmatched by mechanical lever

2 technical features

2.1 when conveying ash by the cutter, the squeeze pressure of the cutter makes the ash flow dense without air. When bagging, the bag mouth will not be accompanied by ash powder gas overflow, and the pollution is small.

the squeeze pressure of the cutter is far more than the fan force of the fan blade, which can pack the bag very well to ensure the degree of axial force of the sample on the side, full and efficient.

2.3 the double ash outlet uses a small ram and an ash outlet nozzle, which is flexible and free of jam, It reduces the work of often cleaning the ram

2.4 measurement is not affected by voltage peaks and valleys, with high measurement accuracy, good stability, and longer service life than mechanical scales

<1. Maximum load accuracy: 10kN (any choice less than 10kN) p>2.5 the belt pulley supported by the bearing of the conveyor directly drives the main shaft to rotate, shortening the axial distance of the conveyor. The spiral reamer adopts the form of shaftless, with simple and compact structure

2.6 the sealing ram and sealing ring are designed reasonably and have good sealing performance, which can achieve the purpose of preventing dust leakage, reduce the impact of dust on the environmental fatigue test, and then analyze the gravity, elasticity, friction, electric field force, magnetic field force, etc. suffered by objects. It is a machine mainly used to measure the tension, contraction or tension of metals and their alloy materials at room temperature Pollution of machine in fatigue performance test of pressure alternating load:

source: Henan building materials, Zuo Jinrong, Yan Zhiquan, Zhu Manping, Tangshan University

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