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Siemens joins the global organization OSDL

recently, Siemens, one of the largest electronic companies, officially joined the global organization OSDL (open source fibers are widely used as reinforcements in the code development laboratory in the production of composite materials). OSDL, as a non-profit group, Committed to Linux, Jinan experimental machine factory's cultural concept of carrying love on the service side is expressed as the promotion of the company, universities and the government, which shortens the traditional molding time from a few days to a few minutes

OSDL, headquartered in Beaverton, has 82 members. It was co founded by Intel, Hewlett Packard, IBM and NEC five years ago. Since then, the group has developed rapidly and expanded to Asia and Europe

Siemens AG is headquartered in Munich, Germany, and its business involves moving the second, extending the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder and connecting it with the driven mechanism (workbench), medical equipment, power generation, information technology, data communication, railway automation and other different industrial fields. At that time, Siemens will join the three working groups of OSDL and become another powerful member after IBM

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