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Siemens looks forward to the road to "industry 4.0"

Professor Ruth Waugh, member of the Management Committee of Siemens AG and CEO of Siemens' industrial business field, describes the blueprint of the future manufacturing industry: through the production mode of virtual combination with reality, achieve higher engineering efficiency, shorten the time to market, and improve production flexibility

Professor Rutherford met with Zhou Ji, President of the Chinese Academy of engineering, and said that in the process of China's transition from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power, Siemens will help China's manufacturing industry to a higher level

Prof. dr.-ing Siegfried russwurm, member of the Management Committee of Siemens AG and CEO of Siemens' industrial business, made an in-depth interpretation of the development trend of the future manufacturing industry with the theme of the future of manufacturing and the road to industry 4.0 at the exchange conference hosted by the Chinese Academy of engineering today. Professor Rutherford pointed out that the changes in economy and technology have brought great transformation challenges to the global manufacturing industry, and the entire industrial field is also undergoing a major change in manufacturing. Through virtual production combined with real production mode, the manufacturing industry will achieve higher engineering efficiency and shorter time to market in the future. There are three kinds of pipes commonly used, including Brinell, Rockwell and Vickers hardness, as well as higher production flexibility. In the era of industry 4.0, the virtual world will integrate with the real world. Through computing, autonomous control and connection, people, machines and information can be connected and integrated. In addition, Professor ruthwo also met with Xu Kuangdi, former president of the Chinese Academy of engineering, and Zhou Ji, President of the Chinese Academy of engineering, to discuss the future development trend of the manufacturing industry

the management of Siemens' industrial business field meets with the leaders of the Chinese Academy of Engineering

China's manufacturing industry has developed rapidly in the past 30 years, and its goal is to transform from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power. Therefore, China needs to complete industrial transformation and upgrading while maintaining industrial growth, which will be a great challenge. Siemens' advantages in digital manufacturing and integrated innovation, as well as its in-depth understanding of the Chinese market for more than 140 years, will help China's manufacturing industry to a higher level and usher in the 4.0 era

under the vision of industry 4.0, the manufacturing industry will transform the manufacturing industry to digital manufacturing by making full use of cyber physical system and other means. Siemens' digital enterprise solutions combine the real and virtual production world, and strive to promote the future development of manufacturing industry. Its continuous innovation ability, complete product line and rich industry knowledge have laid a solid foundation for the arrival of industry 4.0

for example, the Chengdu production and R & D base of Siemens industrial automation products (sewc), Siemens' first digital enterprise outside Germany, has been completed in Chengdu. This factory defines the sustainable development of modern industrial production with its outstanding characteristics of digitalization, automation, greening and virtualization, and is a model in digital enterprises. As Dr. Marc Wucherer, President of Siemens' industrial business in Northeast Asia, said: as a newly built digital enterprise in Siemens' global production and R & D system of industrial automation, sewc will bring the most advanced digital manufacturing technology to China

Professor Ruth Waugh, CEO of Siemens' industrial business, attended the exchange meeting of the Chinese Academy of engineering and described the blueprint of the future manufacturing industry.

at the China International Industrial Expo to be held in Shanghai from November 5 to 9, Siemens will further put forward the road map to the future manufacturing industry and specific measures for Siemens to help Chinese manufacturing enterprises to a higher level

the Chinese Academy of engineering is the highest honorary and consultative academic institution in the field of Engineering Science and technology in China. It is composed of academicians and is committed to promoting the development of Engineering Science and technology. 2. Projection screen diameter: 200mm. In July this year, Zhou Ji, President of the Chinese Academy of engineering, led a delegation of the Chinese Academy of engineering to Germany to investigate the advanced manufacturing industry and visited Siemens, where he held talks with Professor Rutherford and his management team. This speech was a return visit to the Chinese Academy of engineering at the invitation of President Zhou Ji. The audience was more than 600, including academicians of the Chinese Academy of engineering, relevant leaders of the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission and the Ministry of industry and information technology, professors of colleges and universities, and the management of large state-owned enterprises and well-known manufacturing enterprises

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about Siemens in China:

Siemens AG is a leading enterprise in the field of electronic and electrical engineering in the world, founded in 1847. The main businesses are concentrated in four business areas: industry, energy, medical treatment, infrastructure and city. Siemens has been in China since 1872. For more than 140 years, it has provided comprehensive support for China's development with innovative technology, excellent solutions and products, and has established a leading position in the Chinese market with outstanding quality, reliable reliability, leading technological achievements and unremitting pursuit of innovation. In fiscal year 2012 (from October 1, 2011 to September 30, 2012), Siemens' total revenue in China reached 6.35 billion euros. Today, Siemens has more than 30000 employees in China, established 17 R & D centers, 75 operating enterprises * and 41 branches. It has developed into an integral part of China's society and economy, and is dedicated to working together with China to achieve sustainable development

* this data refers to Siemens' companies with continuous operations in China

as one of the world's leading suppliers in the industrial business field, Siemens provides innovative and environmentally friendly products and solutions for industrial customers. With complete automation technology and industrial software, solid industry market expertise and technology-based services, the industrial business sector helps customers improve productivity, efficiency and flexibility. The industrial business field consists of industrial automation group, drive technology group, customer service group and metallurgical technology department. Today, the industrial business sector has about 13000 employees in China, with 8 R & D centers, 18 operating companies and 41 branches. For more information, please visit:

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