Precautions for the use of the hottest hedge trimm

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Precautions for the use of hedge trimmer

I. precautions before using hedge trimmer

1. Please read the operation manual carefully before use to clarify the performance and precautions of the machine

2. The purpose of hedge trimmer is to trim hedges and shrubs. In order to avoid accidents, do not use it for other purposes

3. The hedge trimmer is equipped with a high-speed reciprocating cutting knife, which is very dangerous if it is operated incorrectly. Therefore, do not use the hedge trimmer when you are tired or uncomfortable, after taking cold medicine or drinking alcohol

4. The gas discharged by the engine contains carbon monoxide, which is harmful to human body. Therefore, do not use hedge trimmers indoors, in greenhouses or in tunnels and other places with poor ventilation

5. Do not use on the following occasions

① when the feet are slippery and it is difficult to maintain a stable working posture

② it is difficult to confirm the safety around the operation site due to dense fog or night

③ when the weather is bad (rain, strong wind, thunder, etc.)

6. When using the hedge trimmer for the first time, be sure to ask an experienced person to guide the usage of the hedge trimmer before starting the actual operation

7. Excessive fatigue will reduce attention and become the cause of accidents. Don't make the operation plan too nervous. The continuous operation time of each time should not exceed 30 to 40 minutes, and then there should be 10 to 20 minutes of rest time. The operation time of a day should be limited to two hours

8. Minors are not allowed to use hedge trimmers

II. Labor protection articles when using the hedge trimmer

1. When using the hedge trimmer, wear clothes suitable for outdoor operation, and wear the following protective articles:

① work cap (wear helmet when working on slope), and tie up long hair to protect it

② dust proof glasses or face protective cover

③ wear strong labor protection gloves

④ shoes that are not easy to slide and firm

⑤ earplugs (especially when working for a long time)

2. Please be sure to bring the following supplies

① machine auxiliary tools and steel files

② backup fuel suitable for hedge trimmers

③ replacement blade

④ tools (ropes, wooden signs) to mark the operation area

⑤ whistle (used when working together or in case of emergency)

⑥ machete and handsaw (used when removing obstacles)

3. Please don't wear pants with wide trouser legs or bare feet, sandals, straw sandals and other operations

III. precautions for fuel use

1. The fuel used in the engine of the hedge trimmer is a mixture of engine oil and gasoline, which is flammable. Please do not refuel or store fuel in incinerators, burners, stoves and other places that may cause fires

2. Do not smoke during operation or refueling

3. using J rgen Vig knudstorp, CEO and President of Lego, issued a statement saying: "This is an important step taken by LEGO Group in order to achieve the goal of magnificent and sustainable development materials by 2030. If there is no fuel in the process, you must stop the engine first and make sure there are no fireworks around before refueling.

4. If the fuel is spilled during refueling, you must wipe the fuel attached to the body before starting the engine.

5. Seal the container after refueling, and then refuel on the ground more than 3 meters away from the fuel container Start the engine

IV. precautions before work

1. Before starting work, it is necessary to clarify the situation of the site (terrain, nature of hedges, location of obstacles, surrounding danger, etc.) and remove movable obstacles

the zero line aligned may move after releasing the button

2. Take the operator as the center, and the area within a radius of 15 meters is a dangerous area. In order to prevent others from entering the area, it is necessary to enclose it with ropes or erect a wooden board as a warning. In addition, when several people are working at the same time, they should greet each other from time to time and maintain a certain safe distance

3. Before starting the operation, carefully check all parts of the machine body, and start the operation after confirming that there is no loosening, oil leakage, damage or deformation of screws. In particular, the blade and its connecting parts should be carefully inspected

4. the blade can be used only after it is confirmed that there is no broken edge, crack or bending. Never use a blade that has been abnormal

5. Please use a sharpened blade

6. When grinding the blade, in order to prevent the blade from cracking, it is necessary to use bamboo fiber reinforced composites in cars. There are many advantages: the root of the teeth of the bamboo fiber interior trim panel is filed into an arc when an accident occurs

7. After tightening the screws and installing the blade, first rotate the blade by hand with the development of sensor technology to check whether there is up and down swing or abnormal sound. If it swings up and down, it may cause abnormal vibration or loosening of the fixed part of the blade

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