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Precautions for the use and operation of centrifuges

I. precautions for use:

1. When the centrifuge is in the precooling state, the centrifuge cover must be closed. The centrifugal fatigue testing machine is used to determine the fatigue characteristics, fatigue life, tensile and compressive alternating load of metal, alloy materials and their components (such as operating joints, fixed parts, screw moving parts, etc.) at room temperature After the pre crack and crack expansion test, take out the rotating head and put it upside down on the test bench, wipe the remaining water in the chamber, and keep the centrifuge cover open

2. When the rotating head is precooled, the rotating head cover can be placed on the platform of the centrifuge or on the test bench. Do not float it on the rotating head without tightening it, because once it is started by mistake, the rotating head cover will fly out, causing an accident

3、. After tightening the swivel cover, be sure to touch the gap between the swivel and the swivel cover with your fingers. If there is a gap, unscrew it and tighten it again until it is confirmed that there is no gap, and then start the centrifuge. Valve inlet pump

4. In the process of centrifugation, the operator shall not leave the centrifuge room. In case of abnormal conditions, the demand for building plastics has significantly increased, and the operator cannot turn off the power, press stop. Fill in the centrifuge use record before precooling

5. Do not use fake centrifugal pipes, aging, deformed and cracked centrifugal pipes

6. Do not leave until the centrifuge is used for routine safety inspection on holidays and at night

7. In case of machine failure and component damage during the use of the instrument, contact the technician in time

8. Do not move the centrifuge when it is running

9. The ground on which the centrifuge is placed should be solid and flat, and the two leveling screws should be adjusted to make the centrifuge contact the ground and bear the force evenly, so as to avoid vibration

10. The centrifuge tube should be weighed and balanced. If the difference in liquid addition is too large, large vibration will occur during operation. At this time, the machine should be stopped for inspection to make the liquid addition meet the requirements. The centrifuge tube must be placed symmetrically in an even number

11. If the centrifugal test tube breaks during operation, which will cause large vibration, it should be shut down immediately for treatment

12. The interval between restart after each shutdown shall not be less than 5 minutes to avoid compressor blockage and damage

13. After each centrifugation, the rotor must be taken out, otherwise it may rust on the shaft for a long time, and the rotor will not be taken out, resulting in the centrifuge. The CEO of the whole company said that Bayer would be a pure life science company

14. The service life of the rotor of this machine is three years, and the rotor should be replaced after expiration

15. All rotors shall not be used beyond their maximum speed

II. Precautions for operation:

1. In order to ensure safety and centrifugal effect, the instrument must be placed on a solid and horizontal table, and no objects shall be placed on the engineering plastic cover door; The samples must be placed symmetrically and the nuts must be tightened before starting the machine

2. Before use, check whether the rotor has scars, corrosion and other phenomena. At the same time, check the centrifugal cup for cracks, aging and other aspects. If there is any doubt, stop using it immediately and contact the manufacturer; Please be sure to tighten the compression nut of the rotating head before starting up and running, and there is no need for office rent to avoid accidents caused by the flying out of the rotating head with high speed

3. The speed setting shall not exceed the maximum speed to ensure the safe operation of the machine

4. If 0.00 or other numbers appear in use, and the machine does not run, turn off the power and restart it after 10 seconds. After the set speed is displayed, press the run key again, and the machine will run as usual

5. If the specific gravity of the sample to be separated exceeds 1.2 g/cubic centimeter, the maximum speed n must be corrected according to the following formula: n=nmax * (1.2/sample specific gravity) 1/2, nmax= rotor limit speed

6. Do not open the cover door when the machine is running or the rotor is not stopped stably to avoid accidents

7. The centrifuge cup must be filled with the same amount of sample, and the rotating head must not run under unbalanced conditions

8. It is better not to run the centrifuge for more than 60 minutes at a time

9. The centrifuge must be reliably grounded; Please unplug the power plug when the machine is not in use

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